The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Change Management:

An Empirical Study on a state commercial bank in Sri Lanka

  • Yashodhara Hennayake Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine
  • Pushpakumari Maldeniya University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Keywords: Transformational Leadership, change management, state bank, Sri Lanka


In this age of rapidly changing business environment, change is a common phenomenon to any organization. Thus, effective change management is considered as a challenging task in many organizations. In this context, the role of transformational leadership is considered outstanding. However, little emphasis has been drawn concerning the influence of transformational leadership on change management in Sri Lankan state sector banks. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to investigate the impact of transformational leadership on change management of a well-known state sector commercial bank in Sri Lanka. Data was collected through a sample of 170 respondents of branch managers by using questionnaire instrument. Smart PLS program has been used for the purpose of data analysis. The study revealed that idealized influence and individual consideration have significant positive impact on change management of the bank. The findings of the study may provide valuable insights for policy makers in planning and implementing change initiatives by signifying the contribution of transformational leadership in different contexts. Finally, the study may reduce the gaps found in change management and transformational leadership sphere.

Key words: Transformational Leadership, change management, state bank, Sri Lanka


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