A History of Travel with Economic Systems

  • Selvaraj M Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Saritha R. Assistant Professor
Keywords: History, transformations, Institutional, Paradigms, Mechanisms


The term ‘economy’ was coined, created, manifested and also finally complicated by human beings.  The evolution path of travel with economic systems explores the difficulties, institutional transformations and uniqueness of the different systems of the world economic history. This paper analysis the backdrops of different economic systems and the way in which the path has been laid to transform by losing its originality to the new paradigms of people welfare centric system. Finally, this paper projects the mechanisms of various economic systems into the shifts of new paradigms of unsolvable question of what is it all for? 


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Author Biography

Dr. Saritha R., Assistant Professor

The authors of this paper are being as a faculty for more than 2 decades in one the renowned higher education institution in India.  We keep engage ourselves with various social science-based article write ups and in the research works.  This paper was instigated us when we planned our carrier development activities for the period 2020 – 2025.  The base idea and understanding of the workforce stress of the female labour force participants in India during the Covid pandemic to find the connectivity to the new paradigms.  This is the story behind to start sharing the backdrops of the economic thoughts to travel to modern corporate society.  This paper is not made with any sort of biasness with respect to any sense and hence no ethical violations in the write ups.


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